2012-09-06 - Twitter - Izegem Koers 2012

Pieter Cappelle ‏@PieterCappelle Ja hallokes. TGIF. #izegemkoers 15u skynetbbs ‏@skynetbbs vipdorp aan bellevueschool op #izegemkoers (@ bekafun sound & light) [pic]: http://4sq.com/P3B8Dm 15u skynetbbs ‏@skynetbbs Brandweer heeft oliespoor geneutraliseerd op #izegemkoers (@ Bellevue Atheneum) [pic]: http://4sq.com/OdjnCX 15u skynetbbs ‏@skynetbbs Nog 5 rondes.opgepast voor olievlek 400tal meter vr de finish van #izegemkoers (@ Zwembad De Krekel) [pic]: http://4sq.com/NOrgPn 15u skynetbbs ‏@skynetbbs nog 6 ronden met #izegemkoers (@ De Corner) [pic]: http://4sq.com/NetEgE 16u Team MTN-Qhubeka ‏@TeamMTNQhubeka 10laps to go 100km of racing and still no break has formed yet and the pace is still fadt. Ave time per lap is 13min for 10km. #izegemkoers 16u Team MTN-Qhubeka ‏@TeamMTNQhubeka Action packed racing in the front end off the bunch as riders try to get off the front to form a break. #izegemkoers 17u Toby Rosen ‏@TobyRosen My view for today. #optum #izegemkoers http://instagr.am/p/PO9b-kpw0e/ 18u Maxim Deryckere ‏@Ryckerke1891 Binnen uurtje naar de koers, dit jaar zouk graag ke weten wie er wint #izegemkoers 22u Maxim Deryckere ‏@Ryckerke1891 Straks losdrinken en dan het grote werk #izegemkoers #zuipfestijn 22u Toby Rosen ‏@TobyRosen Today is about to be the coolest day ever. #izegemkoers Reed @UberReed 2d On my way to new jersey enroute to izegem. Win? #tastetherainbow ·

Lazer Helmets @lazerhelmets 3d Lazer Helium and Lazer Vision Optics take all three steps of the podium in Izegem! nieuwsblad.be/sportwereld/cn… ·

Lazer Helmets @lazerhelmets 3d BelgianHeadCase Blog : Lazer helmets and eyewear go 1-2-3 at Izegem Koerse! bit.ly/Uy4OJl ·

Nathan Brown @natebrown0707 3d Great little coffee ride to start the day off here in Izegem with @larrywarbasse @theboz91 @cuzzmayne92 Hawkes and the little man big man! Lazer Helmets @lazerhelmets 3d Andrea Guardini wins in Izegem wearing Lazer Helium helmet and Solid State glasses! RT @kevinHulsmans: @AndreaGuardini pic.twitter.com/xOBYCo0s ·

Sep Vanmarcke @sepvanmarcke 3d It's september, so Sep is back! Felt strong in #Izegem today! 90km in break, last 40km with 2 & later 1 guy at +47,5km/h avg.! Caught at 2km ·

Thijs Al @thijsal 4d On my way back from Izegem. It was a fast race almost 47km/u avg. finished in peloton, good training day :-) Clinton Avery @ClintonAvery 4d 5th or 6th place today in Izegem. it was a bunch kick. Got to experience Guadini's speed first hand. That dude is quick!

Josh Atkins @JoshAtkinsNZ 4d Good race at the Izegem Pro Kermesse. Was in the main move for the day, some hitters up there. Caught 2laps to go #fullgas #sensationsgood

Eamon Lucas @cuzzmayne92 4d 75M to go at the Izegem Pro Kermesse. instagr.am/p/PPYMadukBN/ Foto weergeven ·

Team MTN-Qhubeka @TeamMTNQhubeka 4d Andrea Guardini from Farnese fini took the win. Full results to follow. Izegem koers skynetbbs @skynetbbs 4d Izegem koers 2012. Ronde 1/16 163km al 1 valpartij (@ Izegem, B) [pic]: 4sq.com/NOdLPu · Team MTN-Qhubeka @TeamMTNQhubeka 4d Hello and welcome to izegem koerse. 160km of racing on a 10km circiut. Cool daybwith a light breeze. #izegemkoerse skynetbbs @skynetbbs 4d Wielerbond gearriveerd. Computer en printer opgestart. Laat de inschrijvingen van Izegem Koers 2012 beginnen! [pic]: 4sq.com/ROnUHi Ian Boswell @theboz91 04 sept Well that was a short lived time in Izegem, Off to do my first guest ride with @1t4i Can I give Kittel a lead out....maybe